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The amenities you offer in your vacation home can make or break the stay for your rental guests.  Amenities will keep people coming back for additional vacations as well as recommending your property for other tourists.

It’s important to make your rental fully equipped based on its location as well as tailoring the types of accommodations and the types of renters you want to attract and keep.  

When travelers search for vacation homes, the amenities your rental property has will make it stand out from all the other options. It can take a vacation home from good to GREAT.  

Tips for renting your vacation home | Tao Mexico

What are vacation home amenities?

Amenities are added bonuses or desirable features that provide convenience and help your guests enjoy their stay even more.

Your guests have chosen to stay in your vacation home over any other accommodations, so why not provide them with a few extra comforts they may need that could improve their experience? Also, you'll most likely get more reservations by promoting all of the amenities that your property offers.

Try adding some of the following amenities to your vacation home to make your guests’ stay more memorable.

Fully Furnished

Of course, the main point is that your vacation home is fully furnished. Living room, dining room, bedrooms, sitting area... make sure all guest areas have comfortable furniture..

If your house has a terrace and / or garden area, consider adding an outdoor furniture set. This can include a table, chairs, sun loungers, an outdoor living room set, or a hammock. If your land gets a lot of direct sun, consider adding shade by way of an umbrella or an awning that can provide a cool area to relax for your guests.

Pleasing Decor

Many tourists look at the home decor prior to deciding on one specific property to rent. You don’t have to spend much to decorate it beautifully. Even a few simple details can make all the difference in how your home looks in promotional photos. Consider a unique lighting piece above the dining room, an eye-catching bookcase, or the occasional local art painting, etc.

How to decorate your rental vacation home | Tao Mexico

Kitchen and Laundry Equipment

You cannot miss basic appliances such as a refrigerator, microwave oven, blender and toaster. If your guests usually stay more than a week in your house, then you should also consider equipping it with a washing machine and tumble dryer.

Fast Wi-Fi 

Today, Wi-Fi is one of the greatest comforts in any accommodation. Your guests will expect quick accessibility as well as easy-to-reach wireless internet during their stay in your rental property.

Unless you promote your home as an "escape from technology," it’s important to offer a speedy Wi-Fi connection.

Amenities to boost your rental property | Tao Mexico

Streaming or Cable TV Services

It’s not uncommon for guests to want to watch a movie inside, especially if they’re having a rainy vacation day. Therefore, it’s a good decision to include streaming services such as Netflix or cable TV in your rental.

Ideally, include both options in case there’s a sporting event or something live that guests may want to see on cable.

Have a Great Property Management Company

Your vacation home most likely isn’t in the same city you live, that’s why having a good property management company is crucial -- not only for taking care of your home, but also to service any emergencies that may come up.  

The property management company will be responsible for ensuring that your property is always in optimal condition, that it’s given the necessary maintenance, that the utility bills are paid, among many other administrative tasks.

Take the time to research and choose a quality property management company to work with.

How to choose a property management company | Tao Mexico

Offer Benefits that other Vacation Rentals Don't

You’ll score points if you can offer benefits that other properties don’t. For example, offering a pick-up service for guests when they arrive at the airport, or lending them bicycles for going out and about in the neighborhood. Leave equipment for water sports such as surfboards, paddle boards, or kayaks to enjoy. Leave them a welcome bottle of wine or fruit basket, or make an activity guide for them that outlines the interesting things to do in the destination. Your creativity can make your guests’ stay even more enjoyable.

A vacation rental can be a lucrative business and these few pointers can help you keep your guests happy and make your property more attractive for renting.

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