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Puerto Vallarta is one of those places that stays with you forever. 

It’s a beach destination that, despite being one of the favorites in Mexico, has managed to preserve its roots and maintain an irresistibly authentic Mexican atmosphere, full of history, culture, and traditions.

Plus, Vallarta is simply beautiful, with jungles, mountains, and golden-sand beaches intertwined with the city. It’s a destination with many sights to see and things to do at all times of the day. Locals coexist with tourists and retirees to create a fascinating blend of cultures.

If you’ve come to visit, or you’re thinking of retiring in this wonderful city, we’re here to tell you the 5 best things to do on your next visit.

#1 Walk the Boardwalk from Start to Finish

The boardwalk in Puerto Vallarta (also known as “PV”) may be one of the most famous destinations in Mexico. Along its 1.6 kilometers (just a bit less than a mile), you’ll find restaurants and bars with a great atmosphere, selling crafts and local products, as well as designer boutiques. But what makes it even more special are the sculptures from national and international artists that adorn it. Some are really spectacular!

As you walk along you can enjoy beautiful views of Banderas Bay and the jungle-covered mountains in the distance. You can also admire the picturesque architectural style of downtown PV and catch one of the many exciting shows by the street artists.

The boardwalk is undoubtedly one of the most iconic places in Vallarta, and is the best place to revel in all the beauty the town has to offer.

Downtown Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Tao Mexico

#2 Explore Downtown Puerto Vallarta and the Romantic Zone

Downtown PV is overflowing with charming landmarks -- you won’t be able to stop snapping photos! Its cobbled stone streets are home to all kinds of restaurants, bars, shops, and art galleries. Here, you can bask in the fascinating Mexican atmosphere that makes everyone fall in love.

The Romantic Zone is right next door, passing the Cuale River. This area, also known as the “Zona Romantica”, is full of life. At its heart, it’s a traditional Mexican town with beautiful streets adorned with inviting cafes and colorful craft markets!

#3 Discover Vallarta’s Fabulous Gastronomic Scene 

Puerto Vallarta has a growing culinary scene that includes all kinds of delicious experiences, from street taco joints to restaurants of renowned international chefs. For this reason, it’s positioned itself as a necessary stop for any type of foodie in Mexico.

You’ll find something worth trying on every street corner. If you enjoy new foods and flavors, you definitely have to go out and explore the incredible culinary offerings of Vallarta.

#4 Enjoy Nature and Adventure Tours

The mountains, jungles, and waters of Puerto Vallarta are home to fascinating wildlife. There, you’ll find a huge variety of tours and excursions to discover all of the beautiful nature that inhabits this privileged corner of Mexico.

One of the best-known ecotourism activities, and one that you certainly cannot miss, is humpback whale watching. These mammals arrive each winter in the warm waters of Banderas Bay to reproduce and give birth to their calves. During their stay, which can range from anytime between December to the end of March, they provide a spectacular show for viewers with their acrobatic jumps out of the sea!

#5 Visit the Hidden Beaches in Banderas Bay

Vallarta is famous for its stunning beaches - perfect for enjoying a few relaxing days in the sun. Some of these beaches are fortunate to be somewhat hidden, and far away from the flurry of the more popular areas.

Yelapa, Las Ánimas, Colomitos, and Madagascar are some of the most beautiful gems that you can visit in Banderas Bay. Of course, we can’t go without mentioning Las Marietas, which is home to the most famous hidden beach in the area. 

Islas Marietas amazing hidden beach near Puerto Vallarta - Tao Mexicoi

There are so many more things to do, see, and enjoy— the ideas listed here are the ones you absolutely cannot miss.

PV is so charming that, for years, it’s been a primary destination to buy property in Mexico, as either residence or an investment. Discover more about the relaxing lifestyle offered by this Mexican Pacific destination.

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