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Real estate investment is arguably the best short and long term strategy to generate wealth as well as securing added income. There are several factors that influence the success of a real estate investment, without a doubt, location is the key element.

Location plays an even more important role if you’re considering buying a home or condo and using it as a rental property - permanently or simply in the seasons you’re not in town. 

How to choose the Best Real Estate in Mexico in 2022 | Tao Mexico
La Selva Akumal, Riviera Maya. Price: $186,608 USD, 2-Bedroom Condos for Sale, Ready for Delivery

How to choose the best location for your real estate investment?

The best locations for real estate investment in Mexico are:

  • located in dynamic destinations, 
  • with an elevated economic development, 
  • good connectivity, 
  • modern infrastructure, 
  • and high-quality services. 

All of these attributes increase the profitability of the property and increase its appreciation over time.

If you’d like to invest in real estate that’ll deliver additional income immediately, choosing a property that covers all of these bases is essential to generate the demand, meaning your property is more likely to be rented out quickly!

If you’re planning a long term investment and you’d like to live in the home or condo for some time - choosing a property that aligns with these characteristics will serve you as well because you’ll live with the comforts and services that deliver the highest quality of life.

How to choose the best location for your real estate investment | Tao Mexico

Accessibility and Connectivity

It’s important to mention that the location’s connectivity is essential for growth and capital gain.

It’s not only about the services or places of interest that are nearby, but also about how easy it is to access the destination. In Mexico, the highly in demand tourist centers are the perfect place to invest since the arrival of thousands (and in certain places, millions) of travelers each year who arrive looking for a place to stay. The amount of travelers means the investment will have a very appealing ROI potential.

In an investment to turn the property into a vacation rental business, location is a strategic criterion. Rental demand must be strong to ensure a high occupancy rate and satisfactory capital gains.

La Selva Akumal, Riviera Maya. Price: $186,608 USD, 2-Bedroom Condos for Sale | Tao Mexico

The best recommendations to buy a house in Mexico

As we’ve mentioned, tourist destinations are the prime location for real estate in Mexico. Of course, these destinations need to have an accelerated economic development, a modern infrastructure and offer a supreme quality of life.

In our article, “The best places to buy a house in Mexico”, we go into more detail about retiring in locations like the Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos. These are three of the most important tourist destinations in the country that offer an excellent return on investment. 

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Get in touch with us! Our agents will be happy to assist you and find the property of your dreams that will fit your needs, taste, and budget. It’ll be our pleasure to help you make the best real estate investment in Mexico.

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