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The long stretches of untouched beaches, the tropical breeze, the colonial towns frozen in time, and the world-class cuisine are just a few of the reasons why Mexico is a prime destination to retire. 

There’s an allure to Mexico that draws people in from all over the world to join our laid back lifestyle and our Mexican heritage. 

Mexico also happens to be an excellent location for investing in real estate - especially in beach destinations such as Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos. 

Each of these towns is booming in economic development, delivering all the accommodations you’d want for the perfect retirement location. 

Retire in a place where you can enjoy the peace and calm of the tropics, spending carefree days in a place where many only dream of living. 

Retiring in Mexico means you can discover the culture, folklore, traditions, history and more each and every day. 

How much does it cost to retire in Mexico? | Tao Mexico

Cost of Living in Mexico

Of course, the cost of living in Mexico depends greatly on the location and city you choose and the lifestyle you would like to have. 

To outline an idea of common expenses, here are some essential month-to-month expenses for living in Mexico. We’re using the most popular retirement destinations like Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Puerto Vallarta as references.

  • Rent or Mortgage Payment of a house or condo: $1,000 USD (on average)
  • Utilities (water, electricity, gas, landline, internet): $200 USD
  • Cell phone: $50-70 USD
  • Groceries for two: $100-200 USD
  • Recreation for two (restaurants, bars, tourist sites): $400 USD and up
  • Gas: $150 USD
  • Private Medical Insurance: $140 USD (or $1,500 USD per year, approximately)
  • Domestic services (house cleaning, etc): $100 USD (once / week)

TOTAL PER MONTH: approx $2,140  - $2,260 USD / Month

What is the cost of living in Mexico? | Tao Mexico
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Invest in a Retirement Home or Condo in Mexico

If you’ve already decided that you’d like to enjoy your retirement in a relaxing beach town in Mexico, we recommend investing in a home or condo.

At TAO Mexico, we have exclusive properties in the most popular retirement destinations in Mexico. Small beach towns like Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Akumal, or Puerto Aventuras in the Riviera Maya, or larger tourist destinations like Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta on the West Coast. 

Buy a home in Mexico where you can savor the warm climate and our hospitable culture each day. No matter where you are in your retirement planning, we'd love to hear from you! 

Start by browsing through our available properties, amenities, learning about the security and amazing destinations throughout Mexico. Picture yourself living the retirement of your dreams in paradise!  

Leave your information here and we’ll gladly contact you to let you know the options we have available and how we can help you in your home-buying process.

At TAO Mexico, we’ll not only show you our beautiful properties, but we’ll help you throughout the entire purchasing process, guiding you step by step so that you can begin your retirement in Mexico on the right foot!

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