A Guide to Healthcare in Mexico as a US Citizen

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If you’re a US expat looking for quality and accessible medical care in Mexico, we have good news for you! The country has a well-developed healthcare system that offers excellent services to both nationals and foreigners.

In almost all cases, Americans can receive the same treatment as Mexicans. Not only that, but the expected cost will be a fraction of what you would pay in your home country. Mexico's private hospitals and clinics are well-equipped with highly-qualified medical staff. Although it depends on the region of Mexico you’re in, the quality of healthcare is usually much better than what you would find in most developing countries.

Healthcare in Mexico for US Citizens

How is the Healthcare System in Mexico?

The healthcare system in Mexico is made up of 2 sectors: public and private. Both provide medical services to the population nationwide.

As a US citizen, these are the options you have:

Public Health Insurance for Americans Working in Mexico

If you work for a Mexican company, your employer will register you with the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) so that you have health insurance from the public sector. It’s not necessary for you to request it as it is a benefit Mexican companies should offer you by law. This type of insurance is paid by both you and your employer, where your part is deducted from your salary.

In addition to this, many people who work in Mexico take out private health insurance to have access to private hospitals and clinics, mostly to avoid the long waiting times that public health centers can have. Not only that, but as a foreigner who may not speak Spanish, you’re much more likely to find doctors who speak English in the private sector.

Health insurance for Americans in Mexico

Private Health Insurance for Americans in Mexico

If you’re not going to work in Mexico, you have the option of paying for any medical service directly out of your pocket or by getting private health insurance beforehand.

Although private healthcare in Mexico can be considerably cheaper than in the United States, a major medical emergency can still add up, so it’s best to just get health insurance.

You can request international medical insurance from the US, making sure that it covers you in Mexico specifically; or you can review the options offered by insurers in Mexico for US expats.

Private health insurance gives you access to the private healthcare system in Mexico, which has excellent infrastructure and, in general, offers better medical care than the public healthcare system.

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