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Most agents will agree, selling real estate is like selling dreams. It’s not just homes we are selling, it’s a new lifestyle, a different way of living, where the potential buyer’s imagination is only limited by their own creative mind.

Yes, selling real estate is selling dreams, and in the world of dream lifestyles, none comes closer than the idea of living directly on the beach, overlooking the ocean, in a tropical paradise setting of unspoiled nature.

This dream is a reality down here in the Riviera Maya. The Yucatan Peninsula is enormous, offering what seems like endless miles of stunning oceanfront.

Yes, we can all dream of waking up to the sights and sounds of the sea, especially here in the Caribbean paradise of the Riviera Mayas.

When you come to visit us, you’ll quickly realize what we already know from living here. In reality, you don’t have to live directly on the oceanfront to own the dream of living on the beach.

There are many, many solutions to the dream beach life which does not necessarily involve living directly on the oceanfront.

Property which is slightly off of the seafront acts as the perfect gateway to the desirable Caribbean lifestyle, and can often come with many more benefits which help shape the relaxed beach lifestyle. In our opinion, oceanfront living doesn’t necessarily have to be overlooking the ocean. Here are our top 6 reasons why we believe your search for a new home should extend a little further away from the sea.

Value for Money

Owning a home directly on the oceanfront can often cost a lot more than a house which is slightly set back from the beach. It can vary according to the location, but on average, the same kind of home can cost around 4 or 5 times as much by simply being located on the beachfront rather than a few steps away.

The same size and style of house a little further away from the sea can cost so much less, but still give you direct access to that cool beach life which we all crave.

Taking advantage of the stunning natural beauty of the Riviera Maya, there is a lot of real estate which is effortlessly close to the ocean, providing almost immediate access to the beach.

While you may dream of living on the oceanfront, really, the dream is about living on the beach and being able to spend time in everyone’s most favorite natural setting without the need to pack up the car and take a long drive.

Living a five-minute walk from the coast can give you that immersive experience you are looking for, and will certainly save you a significant amount of money too.


Security & Comfort

Many of the residential communities along the Riviera Maya which are slightly set back from the ocean are located in large, master-planned neighborhoods which have 24-hour manned security gates. In fact, in order to enter TAO in Akumal, you have to pass the security checkpoint of Bahia Principe (the master community), before passing a second security gate at the entrance to TAO.

This can often have a strong psychological effect on residents. While passing a controlled entrance and exit becomes a regular part of day-to-day life, we can see how TAO’s residents relax once returning to the enclave. It takes the desire for security out of your subconscious mind. It satisfies it.

Those who live at TAO simply melt into relaxation when returning home, they are happy and have no fear. This sense of calm and comfort runs throughout the community, and it is a feeling which we attribute to the fundamental satisfaction of the need to feel safe.

Amenities & Facilities

Many of the oceanfront properties along the Riviera Maya are within communities which provide access to a broad range of amenities. With oceanfront land so valuable, sometimes communal space can be kept to a minimum in order to maximize the number of homes available.

Slightly off of the beach, where land is abundantly available, residential communities can afford to apportion much larger spaces to amenities, and so can offer a broader range of facilities for you to enjoy.

The amenities you get in a community slightly off the beach are often bigger, more abundant, and more varied. For example, most communities on the oceanfront will have a wellness center, a swimming pool, and fitness facilities, while those slightly set back from the beach can also have multiple swimming pools, restaurants and cafes, beach clubs, tennis courts, and even golf courses.

Friends & Family

One of the most wonderful things about living in a community is the interaction you get with neighbors. Those who make the leap to retire in the Riviera Maya often have a similar attitude towards life, they find a peaceful joy among the natural setting of the Mayan jungle, and enjoy a friendly, social community which is built around the simple principle of being happy.

Happiness is contagious, and living among a group of like-minded people can rub off of you. Neighbors can help you quickly find your feet in a new country and giving you access to a network who are eager to integrate you into participating in the day-to-day goings on around the community.

Storm Protection

While we may live in an area which has the potential for a hurricane, it is not a problem which we ever really encounter or consider a threat to our day-to-day lives. In case you are reading this in horror from a part of the world which doesn’t have storm threats, it is not something you should worry about.

Hurricanes move very slowly. There is always lots of advanced warning for the forming of a potential storm, and plenty of time to prepare and act accordingly.

Humans have not manufactured anything which can protect a home against a storm better than trees, more accurately, palm trees. They are nature’s perfect defense against a storm. They bend with the wind and provide cover for houses by taking the worst of the weather, thus protecting your home.

Living in a community which is slightly off of the beach will often be surrounded by the trees of the Mayan jungle. If a storm should come, your home will be perfectly protected against the wild winds and rain.

Costs & Repairs

While oceanfront property will certainly cost much more to buy than a home slightly off of the beach, it also comes with increase monthly costs and the potential for more expensive repairs. Home insurance for oceanfront property is more expensive, and it will be necessary to cover yourself with flood insurance too, should the tide rise. The cost of repairs could also be higher on the oceanfront, due to potential damage from sea air erosion or shifting sands.

Advice from TAO

Most of us who work at TAO have lived here for many years. We know this area well and we know what it has to offer in order to satisfy your dream of living in a tropical Caribbean paradise. Our advice? Go for a home slightly off of the beach where You can easily access the sea and it gives you many more lifestyle benefits.

Owning oceanfront property may well be most people’s dream, but that’s because they simply don’t know what other options are available here to satisfy the desire for the beach lifestyle. We recommend you come to visit us, take a tour, and see what it is really like down here. When you compare a beachfront home to one of the other houses we have to offer, we’re sure you’ll agree: just off of the beach is the best way to live.

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