5 Smart Home Technology Ideas to Improve Your Life

December 8, 2022
By TAO Mexico

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Do you want to make your life better and easier at home? If so, you should consider investing in some smart technology.

There are many options available to turn your home into a “smart home”, save money, help the planet, and live more comfortably along the way.

Here we’ll tell you about 5 smart devices that are easy to adapt to your home and that we’re sure you’ll love to have.

Home Management Panel

Imagine that instead of having a bunch of wall switches to control your lights and other electrical appliances, you have just a single touchscreen panel where you can control everything.

Instead of just turning the lights on and off when you touch it, you can also program them to turn on whenever you want, configure your security system, intercom to other rooms in the house, see the weather forecast, and much more!

This is all made possible with a home management panel, which you can easily mount on the wall to control different areas of your home from one place.

Smart Home Locks

If you don't like carrying keys around or want your kids to be able to come and go without giving them keys they could lose, a smart lock is the perfect addition to your home.

These types of locks allow you to open and close your door without a key, all you need to do is enter a code on a touch screen. There are some options that even allow you to open the door from your cell phone, in case you forgot the code. Don't worry, they also have the option of using a physical key if necessary.

Smart locks are also a very good option if you have a vacation rental property. This way, it’s not necessary to give your guests keys, just a code (which you can change as many times as you want) so they can enter the house.

Smart Home Locks

A/C Control App

Controlling the air conditioning from your cell phone has incredible advantages! Easily the best thing is that you can set the temperature you want before you get home, so if it’s very hot outside, you’ll arrive to a nice and cool home.

In addition, you can turn off the a/c if you forgot to do so before leaving the house. Also, you can control it from other rooms and save your preferences, so that with a single click the app sets the air conditioning to the temperature you like.

Water Leak Detector

A slowly leaking pipe can cause thousands of dollars in damage before you know it. Beyond money, it's also essential that we all take care of water, since it’s the most important natural resource for life and is in serious danger due to climate change and the world’s growing population.

Water leaks can go unnoticed in the middle of the night or when you're away from home, making it difficult to stop them in time. Due to this, there’s water leak detection technology that’ll help you solve this problem.

If you install a leak detector in the areas where a leak is most likely, such as in the toilet, under the sink, or in the basement, you’ll receive an instant alert the moment it happens. This will help you take immediate action before the damage becomes serious.

Water Leak Detector

Solar Panels

Solar energy is the most abundant, clean, and renewable energy resource on the planet. So take advantage of it at home!

Nowadays we do everything from home: grocery shopping, work, online classes, watching movies on Netflix instead of going out... Not to mention, if it's hot outside, we have the air conditioning on for a good part of the day. Well, the good news is that by installing solar panels on the roof of your house, you can generate your own electricity!

It has been reported that the use of solar panels at home can save between 30% and 100% of the electric bill. There can be no better incentive.

Another advantage of installing solar panels is the increase in the value of your property. If at any time you decide to put your house up for sale, it'll be more valuable because it runs on solar energy.

As you can see, these smart technology ideas for your home will be very useful, as well as helping to take care of the planet and your pocket.

Whether you want to integrate these technologies into your current home or into some new property you’re buying, they’re definitely a smart purchase.

If you went through this article because you’re looking for a good property in which to invest and adapt smart technology once it’s yours, you came to the right place!

At Tao México, we’re specialists in real estate in the top beach destinations in the country. We have exclusive luxury developments in the Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, and Los Cabos. Not to mention, in our properties you’ll be able to take advantage of the smart technologies that we’ve told you about.

Get in touch with us to talk about the houses and condos that we have available. We would love to meet you, answer all your questions, and help you make the best real estate investment in Mexico.

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