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For decades, the Riviera Maya has been a magnet for travelers from all latitudes who come to enjoy the natural beauty, cultural heritage and exquisite local cuisine.

This tourist attention has resulted in a real estate boom, giving investors a variety of business opportunities.

If the idea of ​​buying a home in the Riviera Maya has crossed your mind, either for retirement or as a rental property, let’s dive into 5 great reasons to get started today!  

# 1: Cancun & The Riviera Maya are Thriving Investment Opportunities

The Riviera Maya and Cancun is, without a doubt, a primary tourist destination, not only in Mexico, but in the entire American continent. The destination is in high demand, as its beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise blue sea are classified among the best in the world.

Those who invest in real estate know that location is everything, and many have realized the great opportunity that lies in the Riviera Maya. 

To give a quick example on the ways to capitalize on an investment in the Riviera Maya, a vacation rental provides an average return on investment of 8-12% per year. 

# 2 Cancun Adds Accessibility

The Cancun International Airport is the gateway to the Riviera Maya. It’s the primary airport in the region and from here, travelers can come and go from Mexico to about anywhere in the world in 2 flights or less.

Additionally, the highway that connects the Riviera Maya to the Cancun International Airport is highly maintained. It’s in excellent condition and is easy to drive. The journey from the airport to Playa del Carmen is approximately 1 hour, to Akumal is 1.5 hours, and from Tulum it’s less than 2 hours.

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# 3 A Fast-Growing Real Estate Market

The real estate market in the Riviera Maya is one of the fastest growing in the world and the demand far exceeds the supply. Properties here enjoy exceptional appreciation and will never depreciate in value. In fact, this area of Mexico has a constant annual appreciation of 8 to 12%.

Mexican government projects such as the Mayan Train (which will cross the Riviera Maya and connect various regions of the Yucatan Peninsula) and the construction of the Tulum International Airport will help real estate in the Riviera Maya continue to increase in value year over year.

Housing prices here are considerably lower than most other beach destinations in the world. So in addition to having numerous untouched  beaches at your feet, your money will have greater potential in these areas.

# 4 Excellent Mexican Cuisine  

The Riviera Maya is part of the Yucatan Peninsula and the Yucatecan cuisine is recognized as one of the most vast and delicious of Mexican cuisine.

The local flavors of the Yucatan peninsula have a strong Mayan legacy. Many of the ingredients and preparation methods have been inherited from pre-Hispanic cultures. Today, Yucatecan cuisine is an exciting fusion of the Mayan and the Hispanic cultures.

The local dishes you can’t miss? 

If you consider yourself a “foodie”, try them all, but don't miss the cochinita pibil (the number one dish of the Yucatecan cuisine), the lime soup, the papadzules, the black filling, the stuffed cheese tacos and the Motuleños eggs.

Of course, the Riviera Maya offers more than traditional food, there’s also countless restaurants with international cuisine owned by expats from all over the world. You can find something for each person’s taste.

# 5 Riviera Maya & Cancun’s Modern infrastructure

The Riviera Maya has modern infrastructure both for accessibility (such as the Cancun International Airport and highways), and for daily life (such as high-speed internet, excellent medical facilities, schools and shops).

You’ll want for nothing in the Riviera Maya -- and you’ll immediately feel at home.

Planning to buy a home in Cancun, Akumal or the Riviera Maya?

Come talk to us! 

At TAO Mexico, we have beautiful properties on the best beaches in the Riviera Maya, such as Puerto Aventuras, Tulum, and Akumal.

Our real estate consultants will be happy to help you and answer all of your pressing questions. They can guide you to the ideal house based on your needs, wishes and goals.

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