10 Reasons Why Puerto Vallarta is a Good Place to Raise Your Family

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Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful city located on the Mexican Pacific coast, and although it's one of the most famous tourist destinations in Mexico, known for its beaches, resorts, and restaurants, it’s also a great place to live and raise your kids.

If living near the sea isn’t enticing enough, here are 10 reasons why you’d love living in Puerto Vallarta with your family.

#1 Excellent Weather and Beautiful Beaches

Puerto Vallarta has a tropical climate, with pleasantly warm weather all year long, seeing as the average temperature is 22°C (72°F). The rainy season runs from June to October, but even then the weather is nice, with mostly sunny days and rainfall in the evening.

As for beaches, those of Vallarta are some of the most beautiful in the country! Its waters are warm and the sand is soft. There are many beach clubs where you can spend the day with your family to enjoy the sun and the sea.

#2 Many Things to See and Do

The city is a very family-friendly destination, with an endless list of fun activities for all ages. From adventures in the sea (such as snorkeling, whale watching, and skiing) to jungle excursions including zip lining, as well as various sports such as tennis and golf.

In Vallarta, your whole family will be able to find something fun at any time of the year!

Things to do in Puerto Vallarta.

#3 Quality Education Options

Puerto Vallarta has excellent private schools (suitable for a range of budgets) that offer a bilingual experience at all educational levels prior to university. So rest assured your children can receive a good education here!

Additionally, there are good daycare centers for working parents who’re looking for a place to look after the younger ones while they’re away.

#4 Spanish as the Official Language

The fact that Spanish is the main language in Vallarta gives your children the opportunity to learn a whole new one and to become fully bilingual (or trilingual)!

Of course, you as an adult can also learn Spanish (there are many good schools and tutors to do so) and can practice it all the time among the friendly locals.

Puerto Vallarta malecon.

#5 Excellent Healthcare System

Puerto Vallarta has excellent medical care, with well-equipped hospitals as well as qualified and professional staff. The attention you’ll receive will no doubt be of the highest quality and something you can depend on.

You’ll be able to access private medical services with no problem, and even take out health insurance that supports you and your family in the event of an emergency or major medical complication.

#6 It’s a Safe Place to Live

In general, Puerto Vallarta is a safe place to live. The crime rate is low and there’s a lot of protection from the local police.

The city is also well-lit, so you’ll feel safe most of the time. Of course, you should always take precautions when walking on the street, especially at night, and having a security system in your home never hurts.

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#7 The Affordable Cost of Living

Another point in favor of Puerto Vallarta is that it’s an accessible place to live! You can find excellent properties at a very good price, plus the cost of food and other basic necessities is relatively low.

To learn more about this, check out our article: How much does it cost to live in Puerto Vallarta?

#8 The Cultural and Historical Background

Beyond its beautiful beaches and vibrant entertainment scene, Puerto Vallarta is a city rich in culture and history, evident in its architecture, cuisine, and art.

The historic center of Puerto Vallarta is considered a protected Cultural Heritage of the State of Jalisco, and houses numerous buildings, squares, and churches from the Colonial era. In the area, you’ll also find a good number of art galleries, not to mention that throughout the year there are a variety of festivals and celebrations related to the traditions of the fascinating Mexican culture.

Puerto Vallarta cultural and historical background

#9 Fabulous Food

Puerto Vallarta is also a foodie paradise! Its food scene is influenced by both traditional Mexican flavors and international cuisine, and you can find everything from street food to gourmet restaurants.

In the markets, you can find fresh fish and shellfish to prepare at home, ripe fruits and veggies from the fields, and all kinds of ingredients to keep your fridge full of good-quality foods and delicious flavors.

#10 You’ll Find a Welcoming Community

The people of Puerto Vallarta are friendly and welcoming. You’ll quickly make friends and feel part of the community.

Vallarta is a great place to slow down and enjoy life with your family, surrounded by beautiful nature and a tranquil environment. The pace of life is slower here, and people take time to enjoy the simple things in life.

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