We are TAO Mexico

One of the strongest real estate development companies in Mexico

We are stronger than ever, with more than 23 residential complexes in different stages: under project, in pre-sale, under construction, ready for delivery and fully sold. What are you waiting for to discover if this is your path?

Somos TAO México

Una de las empresas más fuertes en desarrollo inmobiliario en México

Estamos más firmes que nunca, con más de 23 complejos residenciales en diferentes etapas: en proyecto, en pre-venta, en construcción, listos para entrega y completamente vendidos.¿Qué esperas para descubrir si este es tu camino?

Learn about Our Story

With the name of Mexico Alive, in 2006 we began with an ambitious project called 3.14, which is a beautiful complex of modern architecture that has a residential and commercial area in Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit. In 2008, we decided to expand to the Riviera Maya, to create our first major project: Hotel Sian Ka'an. Located within the glamorous Grand Bahia Príncipe Residential Complex (now Tulum Country Club), thus creating a new concept called condo-hotel, which consisted of the purchase of hotel rooms and guaranteed a long-term return for our customers. Managing to sell all 420 apartments in just three years, this project was a true home-run.

This is how our prestigious real estate career began. At the end of 2011, the name “TAO” was born, which means “the road”. Which we translate as the path to a paradisiacal life. Pursuing the dream of creating something that contains more than bricks, we managed to build impressive residential complexes with a great sense of community, belonging, and that generate connections between like-minded people.

Project Locations

We have two types of customers:

  1. 1. Who buys property from us  to live in and enjoy a great lifestyle.
  2. 2. Anyone who buys one or more properties to vacation, live for a season and/or rent it, in order to enjoy an incredible place and have an excellent return on investment.

What type of customer are you?

Investing with us is the best option. You will experience the best customer service and our properties have an unparalleled quality. But better yet, find out for yourself! Get to know everything we have to offer you.