In accordance to what is established in the FederalLaw of Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Private Parties (The Law)and  its Regulations and in order to  preserve the integrity, privacy and protectionof your personal data CONDO HOTEL GBP,S.A. DE C.V., JADE GARDENS, S.A. DEC.V., DESARROLLOS PUNTA SUR, S.A. DE C.V., PROMOCIONES SISAL, S.A. DE C.V., TAOWELLNESS CENTER, S. DE R.L. DE C.V., jointly referred to as “TAOMÉXICO” (hereinafter “TAO MÉXICO”),make available this Notice of Privacy:

Data of the Responsible Party

“TAO MÉXICO”, with domicile ay Av. del Solesquina Vía Palma, Interior del Residencial Bahía Príncipe, Residencial &Golf, Carretera Federal #307 Km 250, Código Postal 77737, Akumal, Quintana Roo,México, is responsible of the use, treatment and protection of the informationand personal data obtained from you or from those that may access the same byany means, so as to provide you any service. If you do not declare your noacceptance for the treatment of your data enabled in this Notice so as toexercise your ARCO rights (Access, Rectification, Cancelation and Opposition),we shall consider that you have granted your consent.

Personal Data

“TAO MÉXICO” may obtain the necessary personaldata for the adequate rendering of its services, by different means, such as: i. When You provide us the samedirectly; ii. When you visit ourwebsite or use our services on line; iii.When we assist you by telephone; iv.When obtained through our agents, promoters, commission agents or businesspartners and, v. When we obtaininformation through social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram orinstant messaging services such as What’s App, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and/orany other means permitted by the Law.

The personal data that “TAO MÉXICO” may obtain from You, includes without limitation thefollowing:

a) Your Identification Data: Full name, date and place of birth,domicile, personal telephone number, mobile/cellular phone, marital status,nationality and/or immigration situation, company where you work, number ofchildren, age of your children; sex, work domicile, position, seniority at yourwork place, SSN social security number (in Mexico IMSS, ISSSTE, INFONAVIT), e-mail,professional license number, drivers license, marriage certificate, your birthcertificate, as well as the birth certificates of your economic dependents,voting card number, copy of passport, Population Code known as CURP, Taxpayers´Registry Number known as RFC, proof of domicile, marital regime, educationlevel, family reference, personal reference, image on any template, as well asyour signature, in addition to any other identification data, alias or nicknamewith which you are identified in the different digital platforms such as  Twitter, What’s App, Facebook, Instagram,Messenger, etc.

b) Identification Data of your spouse: Full name, date of birth, domicile,voting card number, Population Code known as CURP, Taxpayers´ Registry numberknown as RFC, position and seniority at her workplace, domicile of his/her workplace,SSN social security number (IMSS, ISSSTE, INFONAVIT), mobile/cellular phone, aswell as of his/her work place, image on any template, as well as his/hersignature, in addition to any other identification data, alias or nickname withwhich he/she are identified in the different digital platforms such as  Twitter, What’s App, Facebook, Instagram,Messenger, etc.

c) Identification Data of any thirdparty related with You: Full name, image on any template, company for which he/she works, dateof birth, domicile of his/her work place, position, work telephone number,seniority in his/her job.

d) Patrimonial Data: Credit history, income andexpenses, pay-slips, bank accounts, bank statements and/or any otherdocumentation and information related with the existent business relation orthat may exist among “TAO MÉXICO”and You as the owner of the personal data.

Purpose of the treatmentof the Personal Data

“TAO MÉXICO” obtains, uses, stores or transfersyour personal data, with respect to which we obtain your consent prior to itstreatment, in strict compliance with the Law, in order to perform the following:

·       Identificationpurposes.

·       Contactby telephone or e-mail purposes in order to send you information related withour products and/or services hired or to be hired, promotions and invitationsto several events.

·       Complianceof the obligations that derive from the existent legal relation or to beestablished with You as the owner of the personal data and “TAO MÉXICO” as the party responsible of its treatment.

·       Formalizethe transactional or contractual process with You, as client, supplier orconsumer with respect to any of our products and/or services.

·       Purchaseand sale of real estate properties.

·       Generatea database so as to follow-up with respect to interested parties.

·       Socioeconomicand socio-demographic studies.

·       Administrativeprocesses such as forming files, payments, returns, invoicing, purchase history,application processing, collection, clarifications, credit investigation.

·       Newsbulletins.

·       Improvementof the control and performance of the subsequent processes of enquiry, creditsand title.

·       Marketing,advertising and commercial prospecting.

·       Implementationof improvements in products and services.

·       Communicatefocused promotions.

·       Invitationsto special events.

·       Clientsupport, congratulation, welcome and expression of appreciation messages.

It is important to establish that the purposesoriginate and are necessary for the legal relation among “TAO MÉXICO” and the owner of the personal data.

Transfer of PersonalData

“TAO MÉXICO” may for the mentioned purposes,transfer your data to “Responsible Parties” in terms of the Law, to thirdparties, whether Mexican or foreign, with whom it is assisted for itsoperation, as well as third parties of the real estate industry, construction,administrator of developments as well as its subsidiaries, affiliates and/orcontrolling companies.

As owner of the data, You are entitled to: (i)Access your personal data and acknowledge the details of the treatment of thesame, (ii) Rectify in case they are inexact or incomplete, (iii) Cancel when youconsider the same are not required for the purposes established and/or arebeing used for purposes not consented or if the contractual relation or servicerelation has concluded and, (iv) Oppose to the treatment of the same forspecific purposes. (ARCO Rights).

In order to exercise your Access,Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition Rights (ARCO), You shall send arequest, same that may be downloaded her and send to the Privacy Officer to thefollowing e-mail contacto@taomexico.com

We inform you that the exercise of the ARCO Rightsis gratuitous, but if you should request in a period less than twelve months,there shall be a cost defined by Law, unless there are substantialmodifications to the Notice of Privacy, that derive in new ARCO requests. Youshall pay the justified expenses for sending or the cost of copies or othertemplates and in its case the cost of certification of documents.

Means to revoke theconsent for the treatment of personal data.

It is important that You acknowledge yourrights to revoke your consent for the treatment of your personal data in thesame form as you granted your consent, in such way, that if You request aconfirmation of your request, “TAOMÉXICO” through the Privacy Officer shall respond expressly and concludingthe legal relation with “TAO MÉXICO”.

Theresponse process shall be the following:

The Privacy Officer shall respond your ARCOrequest and the motives of his/her decision by e-mail in a maximum term of 20business days, counted as of the day he/she received your ARCO request. In casethe ARCO Request is responded affirmatively or admissible, the modificationsrequested shall be performed in a maximum term of 15 business days. TheResponsible Party may notify within the mentioned terms in this paragraph theextension of the same for one occasion for a period equal to the original term.

It is possible that “TAO MÉXICO” may deny the access so that You can exercise your ARCORights, in the cases permitted by law, and consequently shall inform You themotive of such decision. Such denial may be partial, in which case “TAO MÉXICO” shall perform the access, rectification,cancelation or opposition of the relevant part.

In this case, as an alternative in order tolimit the scope of the treatment of your data You may list at the PublicRegistry of the Federal Consumer Protection Agency in Spanish Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor(PROFECO), so as to avoid Advertising. For more information with respect tosuch registry, You may consult the website of PROFECO or directly contact suchagency.

In our website we use tracking technologiessuch as cookies and web beacons or web bugs (terms defined hereinafter) bymeans of which it is possible to monitor your visits as an internet user, offeryou a better service and experience upon navigating on our website, as well as tooffer you through promotional banners new products and services based on yourpreferences. The personal data that we may obtain from such trackingtechnologies are the following: hours of navigation, time of navigation on ourwebsite, sections consulted. Likewise, the website of “TAO MÉXICO” has links to other external sites, of which thecontents and the privacy policies are not our responsibility. The personal dataobtained through these technologies may be shared with third parties, Mexicanor foreign which assist “TAO MÉXICO”for its operation, as well as its subsidiaries, affiliates and/or controllingcompanies.

If you do not desire to use the tracking technologies,you may disable following the steps established by your browser in the Menu bar.

For more information, a Cookie is a data file stored in the hard drive of the computer orelectronic communication device of a user upon navigations on the internet,which allows to exchange information among such site and the browser of theuser. This information can reveal means of identification of the session,authentication or preferences of the user, as well as any data stored by thebrowser regarding the website.

A webbeacon is a visible or hidden image in a website or an e-mail, used tomonitor the behavior of users by such means.

Modification of theNotice of Privacy

This Notice of Privacy may suffer changes orupdates due to new legal requirements; the needs of “TAO MÉXICO” or in virtue of modifications to its business model,provided that every modification to the same shall be informed to you by meansof a publication of this notice on the website of “TAO MÉXICO”, and therefore we recommend to verify the samefrequently.

As part of the concerns of “TAO MÉXICO” for the proper use of your data, in case a safetybreach occurs during any phase of treatment of your personal data thatsignificantly affects your patrimonial or moral rights, the Privacy Officershall inform immediately on the website of “TAOMÉXICO” the safety breach event, so that you can take the correspondingmeasures in order to protect your rights.


Protective Mechanisms

At “TAOMÉXICO” we have internal controls for the management of information andsafety measures, including tools so as to encrypt and authenticate informationto maintain safe your personal information. Your personal data is processedthrough safe network systems and may only be accesses by a limited number ofindividuals with special rights, that are compelled to maintain such informationunder absolute confidentiality.

In addition, and for safety purposes, wesuggest you frequently review the contents of this Notice of Privacy. If youconsider that your right to the protection of your personal data has beenviolated due to any act or omission of us, we suggest you visit the officialwebsite www.ifai.org.mx



GUNTER FEDERICOMAERTENS SANCHEZ- OfficialTranslator duly authorized for the State of Quintana Roo, I CERTIFY: That the documents transcribed herein are a translationof their originals in Spanish which I reviewed on August 9, 2019.