5 Things to Consider Before Retiring in Cabo, Mexico

October 4, 2022
By TAO Mexico

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As the years go by and you’re beginning to think of retirement, you might be thinking about moving to a place with a warmer climate. 

And if you're considering Los Cabos, Mexico, often affectionately shortened to ‘Cabo’ and located on the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, we'll cover 5 things you should know before making the move. From the cost of living to the quality of medical services, we'll go over what you need to know to make an informed decision about your retirement.

No matter what your budget or your expectations look like, Cabo’s a beautiful place you can call home.

Retiring in Cabo, Mexico

#1 Cost of Living

Although Los Cabos is cheaper than most American cities, it can be more expensive than other places in Mexico.

Los Cabos is the most exclusive beach destination in Mexico, with numerous luxury hotels and resorts, world-class restaurants, golf courses, and high-end shops. For this reason, it tends to be more expensive than other destinations in the country, but, of course, there are always options to have a more modest life while still having fun and enjoying the area.

In our article “How much does it cost to live in Los Cabos?” we list in detail what sort of monthly expenses you should consider to live here.

#2 Language Barriers and Expat Community

Many people speak English in Cabo! It’s a top beach destination for travelers from all over the world, so the local population is used to speaking English with foreigners.

Los Cabos is also a popular retirement destination for Americans and Canadians, so there’s a good expat community that’ll welcome you and make you feel close to home.

#3 Weather

One of the main attractions of Cabo is its pleasantly warm climate almost all year round (with around 350 sunny days!) The heat is dry, not humid, which is also a plus. This is why many foreigners from cold countries love to live here.

It’s good to note however that there is a time of year known for tropical storms and hurricanes that can reach the area. This rainy season is usually between September and October, and it’s usually nothing too serious, but it’s always good to keep this in mind.

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#4 Medical Service

Having quality medical service is essential to living anywhere. Fortunately, Los Cabos has excellent health care, with private hospitals, modern equipment, and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

You won't have to worry about finding a good doctor who can take care of any emergency!

#5 Cabo is a Real Estate Investment Hotspot

Cabo is a beautiful, safe, and welcoming destination where you can enjoy a laid-back, yet exciting lifestyle by the sea. Because of this, it’s not only one of the top places to retire, but also to buy investment properties, with a lucrative capital gain and offering high returns if managed as a vacation rental.

Buying properties in Los Cabos is a great way to invest and gain an income even while retired!

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Monte Rocella, Los Cabos, Mexico. From $292,650 USD. 2- Bedroom condos for sale. Starting delivery: June 2024.

Buy a Luxury Property in Los Cabos!

Whether you want to retire in Los Cabos or purchase an investment property, you’ll find a wonderful range of high-end homes and apartments ready for sale. Some of the most stunning properties are near the sea, with spectacular views of the surrounding desert, these two landscapes becoming what Cabo is known for. 

At Tao Mexico, we can help you buy your dream property in Los Cabos!

Contact us today! It would be a pleasure to meet you, answer any of your questions, and guide you step-by-step to buying a property in beautiful Baja!

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