What is tao mexico?

TAO Mexico began as a simple dream: to create a lifestyle, which was
mindfully woven into the rich natural tapestry of the abundant Mexican

TAO Mexico was founded in 2006 inspired from the concept of building residential communities that create a sense of belonging; a perfect balance of the desire for luxury real estate, an inspirational and welcoming community, and a consistent sense of connection to Mexico’s precious natural paradises.

TAO Mexico is today regarded as one of the premier developers of real
estate in the Riviera Maya, with more than 14 residential communities located in Tulum, Playa del Carmen and Akumal, within totally exclusive and private master-planned neighborhoods.

TAO Mexico embodies a philosophy of love and care in every community created.

Connect with paradise

TAO is a word of Chinese origin whose meaning can be translated as “The way”. The roads unite two points, therefore creating a connection.

Most of our developments are situated in privileged zones within the state of Quintana Roo, totally exclusive and incredibly private. San Miguel de Allende is coming soon,

12 years established

13 communities

MORE THAN 1,000 HOMES delivered

69 proud Team


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TAO Foundation is a non-profit organization that since 2012 has dedicated its efforts, talent, and resources to contribute to improving the health, education, and the environment of Mayan communities in Quintana Roo.


Our mission is to contribute to the most vulnerable population of the Mayan communities so that they can better the quality of health and their environment, and as a result, the new generations can have the best possible opportunity in their schooling.

Our vision is that through the union of effort and talent of those who form part of the TAO community, owners, collaborators and volunteers, we can support the Mayan communities of Quintana Roo and expand support to other parts of the Republic.

Our values ​​are based on respect for the individual, the environment, as well as the traditions and culture of the Mayan communities. We commit ourselves to put our best effort in each act, assuming the responsibility that corresponds to us to help and make each community a better place for its inhabitants and for the environment.

¿what have we done?

TAO Foundation has contributed to monitoring older adults diagnosed with type two diabetes. We have carried out education and dental hygiene campaigns. We participate in the donation of sports shoes for boys and girls. We carry out remodeling programs for school spaces. We have participated hand in hand with other institutions on days to clean the beach and sea turtle care.

OUR future Projects

✔ We will focus on continuing to monitor cases of type two diabetes in older adults.
✔ We will talk about proper nutrition
✔ We will remodel public and school spaces in the community of Chemuyil.
✔ We will promote the participation of the owners of TAO, whose native language is English, to conduct teaching days for students and parents of elementary schools in Chemuyil.
✔ We will participate in nocturnal walks to observe and take care of sea turtle nests in Akumal.
✔ We will promote sporting events to generate collections for the purchase of school supplies and educational materials.
✔ We will build a new center for monitoring and protecting the migrating and resident birds of the Riviera Maya


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